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Newbury 01635 200253
Witney 01993 881206
 Basket        Honeystreet 01672 851565

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Delivery (Nearest vehicle access point)

Our employees are only permitted to deliver to ‘nearest vehicle assess point’.  In other words our employees are not allowed and are instructed not to carry materials during a delivery.  Frequently drops are made using a crane lorry.  If the driver can reach where you need it leaving he will assist.  Overhead cables & trees can hamper this though.

We regret that our employees are not permitted to move materials to far from the vehicle, due to the weight, shape and size of products and are therefore possibly unable to meet your request.  Should you have any concerns please feel free to call the office from which the delivery has been made.

            Newbury  - 01635 200253
            Witney     - 01993 881206
            Pewsey   - 01672 851565

Our vehicles cover a large area on multi drop circuits, Monday to Friday only (Saturday deliveries are not possible) depending on the site your delivery has been ordered.  Due to this we are unable to offer "1st Drop" or give an accurate time of delivery.  Should you need an indication give the office a call on the day of delivery and they should be able to give you an indication of time.  Our vehicles only have a driver on board so they are unable to take or make phone calls whilst on circuits.  We recommend you get material delivered to site before trades are on your premises.

We will assist you where we can.

Payment Information

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For more information about our payment terms please see our Ordering & Payment page.