Barlows Woodyard

All that is good in wood,
at home or in the garden

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  • Ordering & Payment

Ordering & Payment

All orders will be processed in order that they are received.

On placing your order:  Once your order has been made you will receive an email, confirming your order.  

Ordered incorrect quantities or items:  Should something not be right please call your local sales team and orders can be amended.

PAYMENT OF ORDERS:  All orders need to be paid for on ordering.

Online via website:
Buying online via our website you will be diverted to PayPal - don't worry if you don't have a PayPal account - simply sign in as a guest and make your payment using your card of choice.  This gives you protection as well as ourselves!

Over the phone:
We can accept Visa or Mastercard

No goods will be delivered without payment being made.  If goods need ordering in as a special or machining bespoke for your order, Payment in FULL will be required prior to your order being processed.

Orders for collection:  Once goods are allocated and/or received by your local depot, you will be contacted by your local sales team to advise you that your order is complete and ready for collection.

Orders for delivery:  Once your complete order is ready, you will be contacted by your local sales team to advise you that your order is ready for to be delivered.

For any other questions relating to Ordering & Payment please contact one of our sales team. 

Payment Information

We accept the following payment methods.

For more information about our payment terms please see our Ordering & Payment page.